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On Top Texas is a digital marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Optimization. Since 2008, we’ve  helped thousands of businesses be found on Google.   

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Do you wish your website was actually working and bring in leads?

Business owners of today whether small or large all share the same feeling of concern that most all of us do.  How and why does my competitors website rank better than mine? I wonder how much more business they’re getting than I am? I’m tired of spending thousands on advertising or marketing that doesn’t work. If you believe this is you, its time you ask yourself a serious question – Am I tired of losing customer to my competitors? And lastly, when am I going to do something about it? 

The Time is NOW  

Basic Website Framework

We start by ensuring your website is healthy in the first place. Speed, mobile compatibility, schema markup, load times and Core Web Vital metrics are all fixed in our first phase. It really doesn't matter how pretty your website is or how fast you think it is, what matters is what the reports and audits say.


Structure & Content

We plan and execute a consistent content strategy that allows us to create content on your website that is actually worthy of getting a backlink. We use a silo approach where we create supporting content under your categories of services or products. This in turn allows us to easily obtain high authority links.

Topical Relevant Backlinks

Half of all clients we sign have this one problem in common, they have really weak backlinks. We conduct extensive outreach during phase two and ensure your budget is spent correctly on acquiring backlinks. Most importantly, we ensure the right sites are linking to your website throughout the campaign.

Conversion & Analytical Tracking

Analyzing your traffic and understanding if there is anything from hindering the buying process is a critical piece most SEO's shy away from. Either they don't understand user interaction or they just don't care. You've invested a decent amount into your website, we ensure your bounce rates and conversions are healthy and to standard.


Local or National SEO Readiness

We've had a multitude of clients that start local and eventually turn to us again to run a national level campaign. We can scale you to other cities and ensure your growing the business in the right cities with the right search volume. We've had success in cities like Tampa, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Houston.

Reputation & PR Management

Ranking clients for keywords is important but branding them and building social awareness is just as important. From press releases being picked up by authoritative media outlets to 100,000 views on a video, On Top Texas has the right blend of expertise to ensure your company shines. We are your undisputed number one SEO choice!

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Our Promise To You

"I can promise and guarantee one thing, I hate losing, if you hired us, we are going to win."
Ryan Birdsell Founder, On Top Texas SEO

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Explanation & Analysis

We'll answer any technical questions you or your team might have. We'll have a good idea if your website is a good fit or not after we analyze the results.

Project Plan

You'll receive a project plan and roadmap from one of our SEO experts that shows you in detail where your pain points are, what you'll need, and the timeframe required.

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