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San Antonio SEO Services

On Top Texas has been providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services within San Antonio since 2008. We specialize in local and national level campaigns, with a main focus of on-page and off-page white hat techniques that meet or exceed Google Webmaster Guidelines. Our reputation matters and we will never compromise it by using unethical practices for quick wins.

The San Antonio SEO Market

While we’re surrounded by many other agencies, internet marketing companies and other SEO companies in San Antonio, we pride ourselves in providing faster and better results than our competitors.

Search Engine Optimization is not always quick, but we understand our client’s bottom line – the quicker you start making my company money, the quicker I have no issues paying your monthly fees. We respect that, and that is our goal.

While most SEO companies like to string clients along, our clients are usually getting hit for competitive keywords that bring in revenue within six months of starting their campaign.

San Antonio Texas has a handful of firms and you will see all kinds of different strategies and promises.

Ours is really no different than any other SEO firms, but the difference is in the timelines and how quickly we can get things done.

Our strategies are broken up into three phases:

Phase One (Completed in Month 1)

Phase Two (Completed in Month 2-2.5)

Phase Three (Completed 3-6 Months)

From phase two to three, most of our clients begin to see an increase in traffic and contacts, and the site begins to convert inquiries to sales. The only problem with a six month promise is, sometimes Google will place new websites into something called the sandbox.

This is typical for new websites with zero trust and it can last anywhere from two to four months. Although we have no control on whether or not this happens, we want to continue working through the phases and ensure the SEO campaign continues to move ahead.

Most frequent questions and answers
SEO is forever changing and algorithms and month-to-month updates can all shift our strategies in a different focus. We consider ourselves to be a white hat SEO company, which means we adhere specifically to Google’s Webmaster guidelines and consider ourselves to be ethical in our techniques. The days of building links here and there and keyword stuffing are gone. The content building in phase one is meticulously run through three different tools, edited and then edited some more to meet strict measures like density, EAT, POP and all kinds of other geeky SEO terms that would bore most people.
Internet marketing is a coined term and can mean several different things. We have experience in running ad campaigns from a $10,000 monthly spend to smaller clients with only $1,000 to spend. We can assist across social platforms, and we can do SEO which drives organic traffic to your site. For some companies, we recommend a hybrid approach where we run ads early on and, while we’re waiting for the SEO to catch up, the ads convert nicely and have a decent ROI. There have been several studies conducted over the years that reveal how much organic SEO blows away advertising in the long term, not just sometimes but every time. There’s really no reason to spew money on ads. There are some cases where we use that initially and early on but going strictly organic works better, and we have the data to prove it.
You can grow your business in a number of ways, but hands down if you are looking to increase your web presence online, you need SEO. We started providing SEO services for San Antonio Texas with our very first client, which was a private investigator way back in 2008. Since then, after paying our firm for about a year, that client has stayed on top for multiple terms for almost 10 years without paying another dime. Invested – $1,000 per month x 12 – $12,000 Year One – Converted about 20 jobs, at about $1,000 per job – $20,000 Years Two to Five about 1,000+ Clients – A lot of money This specific niche is not overly competitive, but throughout the years on his own he’s been able to get a few news mentions, attorneys have linked out to him, and some other sites have fed him backlinks. The bottom line – his initial 12,000 has continued to provide a return on his investment even 12 years later. The way this works is: Search Engine Result Pages + Position + Keywords + Volume

Search Engine Result Pages (AKA SERPS)

Position – Your website’s URLs showing in position 1-10 or 11+ (second page). Also could be in the map pack or SERP features.

Keywords – Queries people use to search for products, information or services

Volume – The estimated number of searches for a keyword on a monthly basis

The Breakdown on how the Traffic is Distributed

Although this has been studied over and over, what you see below is a realistic example on how search positions are really distributed.

Positions 1 (35%-38%). A keyword with a volume of say 100 searches per month, if you were in position 1, should send you about 35-38 visits. How it converts is based on other factors, which we can also help with.

Positions 2, 3 (20-23%). A keyword with a volume of say 100 searches per month, if you were in position 2 or 3, should send you about 20-23 visits.

Positions 4-10 (Rest of traffic)

There are several different reasons why people click position five or six over position one.That’s a whole other topic, but writing meta titles in 2020 versus 10 years ago shows we are writing to entice the searcher to click our snippet over another businesses position.

So being in position “anything” on the first page can bring you in some traffic, and over time that itself can send signals to Google that your page is relevant and delivering in solving the searcher’s intent.Along with those factors and time spent on-site, conversions and a few other types of data, some people can stay on the first page for a very long time with or without any real off page SEO strategy such as link building and others.

However, this is not always true due to competition.If that’s the case, a true SEO expert would be able to tell you that “your competition probably has a firm working for them.” From there, the rallying for positions turn into a race.

Defining Success in 2020 Versus Years Ago

Back in the day, most of the things that mattered with SEO for measures don’t matter now. For instance, most clients wanted to know positional rankings all the time. Today, positional rankings matter, but they don’t and shouldn’t be a measure that is a large focus.

That’s because Google serves searchers based on several things. All results are not created equal and even the top SEO tools for positional rankings are not accurate anymore.

Top Problems With Search Engine Results for a KPI

  1. Proximity of the searcher
  2. Cookies & History
  3. IP Address
  4. Previous Interactions

Try doing this as a short exercise:

– Use your mobile phone and your data network and search for any term. Take a screenshot of the results.

– Then use your laptop, connect to your home’s wifi and run that same search.

– When you’re out at the grocery store, or eating dinner, use your mobile phone’s data again and run that same search.

– Try tethering from your husband or wife’s phone using his or her data and run that same query.

– Connect to your friend’s wi-fi when you’re visiting and run that same term.

– Connect your tablet or laptop to your cell phone’s data and run the query again.

I can almost guarantee every single SERP page one within San Antonio will be different. So how can an SEO deliver this as a measure or KPI? We simply cannot anymore.

At best, we look where you rank consistently in the top 10. We then work our way backwards to move the needle and then, when positions 1-3 come through and we see an increase in traffic, we know you are where you need to be.

    1. Traffic Increase
    2. Conversions
    3. Audit Fixes
    4. Video Production – Likes & Subscribes
    5. Other Critical Success Factors
    6. Content Implementation
    7. PPC Campaign Management & Conversions
    8. How Many Back links We Build on a Month To Month Basis
    9. Inner Linking Strategy

If SEO San Antonio companies, or anyone else in the world, approach you and promise that first page nonsense in 1-2 months, please run. It’s not possible, you are wasting your money and it will hurt you more than help you in the long run. If someone is providing services like these and they are not transparent in what they provide in a monthly report like number of back links they built, also run!

We have company and client expenses, need a budget and we’ve got people to pay. Most firms have a mixture of people that work with the firm and not for the firm. In addition, there are expenses that need to be paid just like with any marketing campaign.

Sure we can get you a mention on Forbes, just like the PR agency, but for cheaper. But why does a site like Forbes matter when we can get you a mention on a site that ranks just as well as Forbes for cheaper? And it would pass the same ranking juice and have the same influence to move the needle.

Some people actually believe all mentions are free, or paid postings are “bad.” Writers have to be paid and editors and blog owners need to make money, and that’s just how it works today. The person that sends an email to about 1,000 blogs a month to pitch your story has to get paid.

If a client approaches us with too small of a budget that we know won’t deliver the results they desire, we simply turn them down. It’s not that we’re expensive, the bottom line is money has to be spent and if we don’t have enough of it, clients lose faith in the strategies.

Clients want results quickly, unfortunately SEO is not that way. But there’s a difference in excessively miscalculating a SEO campaign versus stringing a client along to keep that monthly recurring revenue coming in. Both are actually bad, but over the years we, like many other people providing SEO services, have gotten better at estimating.

We can estimate how long we believe it will take, but like all estimates it depends on a lot of factors. I would say over the years, without major changes to Google’s algorithm, we’re able to realistically estimate timelines for ranking most keywords at 85 percent accuracy.

This means that if I tell you I can rank this keyword to where it will bring you visits, and I tell you it will take me six months, I’m 85 percent correct most of the time. I have a 15 percent difference so we can cushion that margin of error with maybe a month and a half.

Does this always happen? No. But at least we have a set goal, it’s realistic, and we’re showing our clients monthly what we’ve done, unlike most SEO companies.

When a company want to expand its reach, we at On Top Texas help them achieve this by getting them ranked for keywords that are competitive on a national level.

Local terms like San Antonio, Bexar County, or even the State of Texas are removed from the target keyword and replaced with no geological qualifier. The term adhesive tape San Antonio becomes – Adhesive Tape. At this level, the client should be prepared to increase their budget and should be on board for the really long haul.

We hope by this point you have trust in your SEO firm’s abilities and understand national campaigns take more money and more time. Some SEO companies measure possible success rates by keyword difficulty (KD), which is a measure created by the company AHREFS.

We are comfortable working with any KD levels from 1-45. Anything above 45, this firm is not right for you and you need someone else that can handle that difficulty level.

The entire SEO market for San Antonio in relation to KD is all under 45, so on a local level we can assist. Once a client decides to go national, we run the same analysis we did from the start minus the geo target and we’re happy to help and consult with the client to make sure they understand what they’re probably up against.

We don’t really do SMM, but we have people who do this well and usually just put a client in contact with someone who can mange a social media marketing campaign using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

It’s honestly something that totally requires a different skillset. But be very cautious again for any SEO San Antonio companies saying we do PPC, Web Design, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.

To prove this wrong, visit their office and ask them how many staff they have on hand. To successfully deploy all those skill sets, it would require at least 10 to 15 people.